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We offer the freshest and widest variety of oysters! On any given day, we offer 10+ varieties, which we get no more than 24 hours out of water from the East Coast, and no more than 48 hours out of water from the West Coast.

Here are some of the oysters we may serve

Hog Island

Hog Island Bay, VA

Sweet Jesus

Patuxent River, MD

Village Bay

Village Bay, New Brunswick, Canada

Beach Plum

Buzzards Bay, MA


Wellfleet Harbor, MA

Coopers Point

Puget Sound, WA

Wild Ass Pony

Assateague Island Seashore, MD

Flying Point

Maquoit Bay, ME


Humboldt Bay, CA and Puget Sound, WA

Fat Baby

Long Island Sound, NY

War Shore

Chesapeake Bay, VA


Buzzards Bay, MA


Northumberland Strait, Prince Edward Island, Canada


Chincoteague Bay, VA

Raspberry Point

New London Bay, Prince Edward Island, Canada

Did you know...

A single oyster can filter 50 gallons of water every day?

Science has shown that oysters can play a role in restoring water quality because of their filter-feeding capabilities. A healthy one-acre reef filters around 24 million galls every day.

The oysters you eat don’t make pearls?

The pearl-producing kind of oyster belongs to Pteriida while oysters you order from our menu are Ostreidae.

Oysters hold back huge waves?

When oysters band together in reefs, they form a natural barrier against storm waves and sea level changes. When a wave hits, the reef can absorb as much as 93% of its energy.